Guaranteed A+PLUS Online Course and eWorkbook Combo

Guaranteed A+PLUS Online Course and eWorkbook Combo Sale


Guaranteed 4.0 Learning System

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Are you ready to make Straight A's?  This one year subscription to the Guaranteed A+PLUS Online Curriculum is Designed for grades 7th - 12th. A full length live recording of a Guaranteed A+PLUS seminar captures leading learning expert Donna O. Johnson in action as she teaches students how to make Straight A's and earn money for college.  Using this system will get you ready for a successful academic college experience, and get you on your way to a great career!
In 10 short and fun lessons, you will learn how to:
    * Never forget what you just read again
    * Master your math or science class
    * Manage stress before it manages your grades
    * Understand secrets of the classroom
    * Gain insight regarding your teachers
    * Reduce your study time by increasing effectiveness


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